Our Process

Real Time Costs and Budget Management


As a cost-plus builder, we provide a detailed budget spreadsheet of costs for the home. The total cost for your home will be the cost of labor and materials plus our builder fee. Once the plan has been designed and we have completed selections, our trades will provide bids for the home. We will compile bids into your budget spreadsheet and schedule a budget review! Our transparent, cost-plus pricing model ensures you know the cost for each item and our builder fee. During our budget review, we will review each line so it is clear what is included and what options there may be for savings or additional elected costs. Once the budget is approved and we begin the home, we will provide you with a weekly budget update. This allows you to see costs in real time and manage any changes you’d like to make during the build!

Energy Efficient Materials for Long Term Savings


At CCS Homes, we are passionate about our environment and affordable living! We prioritize using energy efficient products so that our impact on energy consumption and costs of living in the home are always top of mind. Our standard includes 2×6 exterior walls, energy heel trusses, mastic sealed ductwork, and many other options to ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. From the windows and walls to appliances and furnaces, we will help you evaluate the energy efficient options that are best for your new home!

Our Process

From the initial meeting to the keys to your new home, our steps are designed to guide you through the whole building process.

1. Initial Meeting
We will learn about you, your goals, and vision for your home! CCS Homes will provide an introduction to who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We will share our construction process, our energy efficient building practices, and more about our cost-plus transaction model.
2. Plan Design Meeting and Engagement Agreement
If you feel CCS Homes is a good fit, then we’ll begin our plan design! We will review your floor plan and make any necessary changes. At this time, we will also sign a design agreement.
3. Selections Meeting
From doors, to cabinets, to flooring, to hardware and more, we will select all the main items for your home! This allows us to bid exact products and ensure accurate pricing for your budget.
4. Budget Review Meeting and Contract Signing
Once we have bids returned, we will review our budget with you. We will evaluate the budget, line by line, to discuss what’s included and make changes as needed. If your budget is acceptable, and you are ready to proceed, we will sign the contract to build your new home!
5. Permit and Down Payment
After the contract is signed, we will submit applications for all necessary permits and request the down payment.
6. Ground Breaking
Once permits are approved we will set your dig date and break ground!
7. Foundation Walls Complete
After excavation is complete, we will set forms for the foundation and have the foundation crew begin pouring the concrete walls.
8. Foundation Complete
Before we finish the foundation, crews will run any necessary underground lines for plumbing, sewer, etc. After that’s complete, we will pour the lower level and garage floors.
9. Framing Complete
As soon as the foundation fully cures, we will begin framing your home. The home will really start to take shape during this stage while walls go up, subfloor is laid, the roof is added, and windows are installed.
10. Pre-Drywall Walk Through and Mechanicals
Once framing is complete, we will meet for our pre-drywall walkthrough. During this walkthrough, we will discuss locations of electrical and plumbing items, confirm cabinet layouts and door swings, concrete layouts and sizes, as well as any other questions you may have. Our mechanical trades will begin working on their rough ins.
11. Drywall Complete
Rough ins will be completed, then we will insulate your home. Once insulated, we will begin installing drywall: hanging, mudding, and texturing the walls and ceilings.
12. Trim Walk
As the trim carpenter begins work, we will meet for our trim walkthrough. During this appointment, we will discuss all your custom trim features, hardware locations, shelving layouts, and finalize paint and stain colors.
13. Paint
Next, the painter will arrive to stain and paint all elements of the home.
14. Final Finishes
There are many moving pieces during this stage! Our flooring, countertop, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and hardware will be installed. We will have cleaners for both the exterior and interior, and we will complete touch ups and tests in preparation for the final walkthrough.
15. Final Walk
During the final walkthrough we will walk the home with you to identify any necessary touch ups or concerns. We will teach you how to service and maintain your home, as well as, discuss our warranty coverage.
16. Your New Home
Closing day will make it officially your home! We will complete all the paperwork and turn over keys to you. We will check in with you 1 week and 1 month post closing to ensure you are settling in. Roughly 11 months after closing, we will check in again to see how we can assist with any warranty concerns..

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