I love that all of our small details were incorporated, making it feel truly custom. It really was our home, our way. It was our vision, executed 100% and I feel tremendously proud of the home we built. Everyday I think to myself, I love this house. I never have house envy. I love ours most. Alan is a man of his word and I trust him implicitly. This experience made me want to work with more veterans because his work ethic and dedication to satisfaction is something you don’t often encounter. Jamie was crucial and an extremely valuable asset to this process. She made sure we were always responded to in a timely manner, she never forgot what we’d asked of her and she always, always did it with a smile and positivity that again, is rare to find these days. Mike and the others were also a joy to work with. CCS absolutely delivered to us our dream house, our forever house. I am filled with pride when I come home each day and we are so thankful for their dedication to our vision.

Jake & Ivy